June 2013: Tips, eNews & More!
This is our first newsletter. The newsletter gives us the chance to show our appreciation to our patients
and our community.

We hope that you find it interesting and informative. We intend to send the newsletter each month and with time and your input transform it into a unique and enjoyable reading.

June 21st is the first day of summer as well as the summer solstice. It will be the longest sun lit day this year and we hope you make the most of it. If you are looking for an excuse to get outside around lunch time, try this: take a look at your shadow outdoors at noon on the 21st, it will be your shortest 'noontime' shadow of the year...That's worth a look!

Are your children on Summer Break?
A break from their schedule does not mean a break from proper oral hygiene. If they are off to camp or traveling over the upcoming weeks, make sure their next cleaning is scheduled ahead of time. That way we can ensure that they start summer off with a healthy smile.

Patio Season Smile
If you are interested in bringing out your beautiful, healthy smile for the endless photo opportunities of Patio Season, give us a call or request an appointment here. Now is a great time for us to discuss the smile of your dreams.

While we understand the impulses and spontaneity that the summer can bring, please remember to notify us at least 48 hours in advance by phone if a summer activity creates the need to reschedule an appointment.

Have a great summer and Happy Fathers' Day (on the 16th) to all of the dads out there,

Drs. Silverberg, Bressan, Tochaie and the Team at Family Dentistry in Maple

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Has your smile dulled over the years?
Have years of smoking, drinking coffee and wine discoloured your teeth?
Fortunately, dentistry has a solution for your yellowing teeth!

Tooth whitening has become a popular exercise with the rise of personal appearance television shows and over the counter solutions.

What are some causes of Tooth Discolouration?
* Drinking coffee, tea, wine or soft drinks stains teeth
* Natural aging - the dentin underneath the enamel of a tooth darkens
* Smoking or any tobacco use stains teeth
* Accidents - a dead nerve will darken a tooth
* Root Canal Therapy

Is Whitening Safe?
Whitening is very safe! Tooth Whitening is a process that restores stained or discoloured teeth to a healthy, natural colour. Our office uses an advanced procedure that is not available over the counter.

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Lighten Up This Summer!

As Spring gives way to Summer many fresh local foods are in season, making it the perfect time to start eating more raw foods. This means trying to build more of your meals around fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts. Raw foods are loaded with enzymes, vitamins and nutrients.

We are not suggesting you become a 'raw foodie' or adhere to strict guidelines, rather that you incorporate more fresh raw foods into your diet. Even if half of your meals each day consist of raw food as the foundation you will have more energy, lose weight and feel great.

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